Wedding rings

I appreciate wedding rings for their symbolism. However, can you imagine that they are not beautiful or valuable enough to your liking? There are also high demands placed on their quality to withstand everyday wear and tear for many years.

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A Thousand Year Old Tradition

Wedding is a very important step in a partnership relationship. It is the affirmation of great love and its confession to the whole world. Wedding rings become a symbol of this affirmation, and they will accompany the couple for the whole life. Therefore, they should be of high quality to last for many decades without major changes. It is a their symbol which at first glance distinguishes married men and women from those who are single.

This custom has a very long tradition. The beginnings of exchanging wedding rings are dating back to ancient Egypt. In the 9th century, The Pope Nicholas I declared that wedding rings would become an obligatory part of the wedding ceremony. At first only man was giving the ring to a woman, later on the both partners began to exchange their bands.


Marriage should last forever. So should the wedding rings.

Wedding rings are a symbol of the love affirmation of both spouses. They must therefore be made to handle regular everyday wearing for many decades.

If they are made precisely and of the finest materials, they will last without any major changes a lifetime. And still, in perfect condition they can passed down from generation to generation.

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White gold wedding rings. The women's ring is studded with diamonds all around. | © Korbička Šperky s.r.o.

Handmade jewellery is a guarantee of quality

All white gold, red gold, yellow gold, diamond, brilliant, and all other kinds of rings are hand made to order. This is the only way to achieve top quality, as when using a machine, there is never you can´t get playful with the details.
In my portfolio you will find the types of rings that I craft most often. However, take them as an inspiration, as I can also help you on your path to possesing the perfect ring of your dreams.


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Punch set for jewelery works. | © Korbička Šperky s.r.o.