My dad used to say, "First learn the craft, then you can play!"

... And he was right. At first, I studied the craft of jewelry making, which introduced me into the secrets of working with precious metals and stones. Once out of school, I started my own business and could bring to life all my ideas on jewelry design and production.

Efficiency of the machines or dirty hands? I am for dirty hands!

When you are ready for a task, you always have a choice. Either get it through the established procedures quickly and efficiently, or spend more time on it and take a different look at it.

In such case, you will often perform the task differently than you originally planned. I am very much convinced that each jewellery deserves a fresh look, original process and unique care during its production.

Custom watches

Each piece an original

We start with your description of your dream jewelry. Based on your ideas, I will create a 3D design using a special software and we will continue to work together until we have the ideal design. Upon completion of the 3D design, it is time for the creative goldsmith’s work.

In the case of handmade jewelry production, we are limited by nothing but the laws of physics and technical features of the raw materials. Your ideal jewelry piece can be almost anything.

Fine Ring in shape of a nest, made with fine white or red gold twigs. | © Korbička Šperky s.r.o.

"A masterpiece is born of strong emotions. Who does not have them inside can never design and make exceptional jewelry. "

I don’t cut corners on raw materials

Every piece of jewelry has to fulfil its function and serve its owner for many years. I can achieve this only by using the finest materials, precise design and careful manual work.

If I work with gold, I use at least 14 or 18 carat fineness. For other precious metals, such as palladium or platinum, I always use materials of the highest quality.

Mr. Korbička with his products gold rings with diamonds. | © Korbička Šperky s.r.o.