Ring in the hands of a jeweler

I craft jewelry that people dream about

I will make you an engagement ring, a wedding ring or any other custom jewelry.
I will bring to life your thoughts and ideas of the perfect design.

Unique person, unique jewelry

The most precious things are created with passion. My passion is designing and crafting unique pieces of jewelry. I always knew that I wanted to be a goldsmith and to follow in the footsteps of my father, who is one of the most respected metal engraving artists in the Czech Republic.

A childhood dream has become a reality. I finished my studies in the field of jewelry making, where I learned the ropes and secrets of processing precious metals and stones. Right after finishing my studies, I started my own business and could fully realize all my ideas in design and jewelry crafting.

custom made jewelry

Mr. Korbička and his craft

The craft has not died

Escape your everyday routine and reach for something exceptional.  An original piece of handmade jewelry has within it the passion and experience of a craftsman who shapes its distinctive soul. My craftsmanship and experience in the latest trends along with your custom design breathe life into a unique jewelry piece that only you will have. 

I am not afraid of using uncommon materials and, when creating, I pay attention to cooperation with the customer and ensure that their vision will be seen in the final masterpiece and that the jewelry becomes more than just a decoration on the body. Due to this reason, you will not find hundreds of finished jewelry pieces among my range of products. I prefer custom-made orders, thanks to which the customer really gets what he or she desires. I hope to work with you on your vision and realization of a truly custom design. 

Me and my craft

Luboš Korbička at work
Grinding a ring on a lathe
Tweezers with little piece of gold